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How Good Does Your Poker Face Have To Be To Profit In The Big Cash Games?

How Good Does Your Poker Face Have To Be To Profit In The Big Cash Games

Everyone wants to know the how to win big money in poker games. In my opinion the real winners in poker aren’t the luckiest, most skilled or most knowledgeable players. They are really gifted and successful at what they do because they have a skill they have developed and perfected over years of practice.

Although I have been playing poker now for quite some time, I still find new techniques to try and implement now from time to time. My favorite game to play is the no limit texas holdem cash games. Now for whatever that doesn’t mean is you can’t enjoy the thrill of playing for no limit texas holdem any other time you want. I enjoy playing just about any poker game you can think of.

Although I try to play exclusively cash games, I will still play some sit and go games as well. Now there is one type of sit and go I like playing more than any other. It is the multi-table sit and go. As I have already mentioned, I enjoy playing the no limit and pot limit variations of sit and go. But, most of us don’t have unlimited fund for play. And most of us also don’t want to wait for a monster to cruise our way.

That’s why multi-table sit and go tournaments are so important. At the most you might only have a set of opponents rather than a maniac; however, you want to play a lot more hands in them than you would in a single table sit and go. Rather than playing tight throughout, you are trying to accumulate chips as quickly as possible.

Most of the stud games I participate in cash in at least one round and sometimes more. All the divisions of stud are very similar; you want to collect as many chips as possible each round. Play some super-tight cards like low pairs and you will win these hands easily. You might lose some money in the beginning of the game; you will have to be patient and wait for a excellent hand to win.

After you get a feel for the style of the mega88, you can delve into the cash game tables. At the cash game tables you want to stack up your stack as soon as possible. Again, you want to be accumulating chips as much as possible each round. Different players will have different strategies on how to stack up their chips.

If you play a lot of sit and go’s you will want to develop a strategy for picking the best places to pop your heads up. Ideally you want your opponents to mistake you for a push. Maybe your opponent will think you have nothing much in hand after they see you all-in. When your stack gets low, you must look for the perfect opportunity to make your move.

Super-tight players are also a problem to deal with. These types of players will not play beyond the flop unless they have a premium hand. At this stage you can play a big pocket pair, or an A-A-2-3 suited. If you make a big raise, your opponent will think they have the best hand and neglected holding their hand. Either way, you can play at them and double up.

You do not want to do the same thing with your tournament life, not if you want to actually win tournaments. hit the cash games and get a feel for playing against the right opponents. In cash games you will win tournaments in the long run, but lose a lot of hands if you make stupid mistakes and lose a lot of money.

My theory is that you should not lose tournaments by playing too tight. If you want to win a tournament be able to pick out the poker tells and opponent’s weaknesses at the poker table. Look for the tournament tells and make sure your opponents fail to do so. Watch how everyone plays their hands, and huff them when necessary. while doing this, make sure to mix up your game as well.