Tender Expert Ltd

is a professional operator of high-yield investments in tender contracts for both experienced and novice investors.
European tenders (bidding) allow you to choose the most winning deals, to ensure an unbiased selection of the contractor. Strict regulation, the same requirements and equal conditions for all participants exclude the possibility of creating corruption schemes and illegal actions on the part of participants seeking to receive a specific order.

Participation in foreign tenders, both commercial and state, is an effective way to promote the company, manufactured goods, work performed and services provided.

yearsof excellent work!

Our team has won hundreds of tenders, contests and auctions for a huge number of companies in the CIS and Europe.
The company registered
on August 20, 2015
in the UK
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Tender Expert business scheme

1Using the tender-expert.net platform, we attract investment funds to participate in tenders.
2We analyze the market, explore tenders for profitability, and predict the probability of our victory.
3We conclude an agreement with the executor of the tender, in the database of more than 1,500 partner companies in the CIS and EU countries.
4We prepare an application for participation, collect documents, solve all legal issues. We issue a bank guarantee for participation in the tender.
5We go to the site and participate in the auction. We coordinate all the terms of the contract with the Customer, we bring to the conclusion of a contract with him.
6We transfer the order to the contractor to complete the task. We control all stages of the process.
7We receive money for fulfilling the conditions of the tender. We pay for the services of a contractor.
8The profit received is distributed among investors. We take profit of the company and form an insurance fund.

Compare with other types of investments:

Types of investmentsRateRisksAffiliate programDeposit currency
Tender Expertfrom 60% to 124% per monthlow, all deposits are insured for the amount
8 000 000$
up to 18%rub / usd
Bank depositsup to 10% per yearlow, insurance up to 1.4 million rublesnorub
MFO / CCOup to 30% per yearlow, insurednorub
Real estateup to 5-15% per yearmediumnorub
Currenciesup to 20% per yearhighno---
Cryptocurrencyup to 28% per monthvery highno---
Using the tender-expert.net platform, our company will be able to strengthen development in European and CIS markets.
Provide reliable and long-term profit for TENDER EXPERT LTD, its partners and investors.
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